Bathroom Remodeling Tricks That’ll Make the Job Easier for You

When working on a bathroom remodeling project, you just can’t afford to go wrong. Sometimes even a small error can result in a disastrous mistake. And with all that money and work you put in it, you can’t let it all go to waste. You can always get some help from a qualified professional but doing it on your own makes it more fun.

So just to get you started, here are a few things you need to know before you starting ripping off those tiles.


Calculate Remodeling Cost

Now that you’ve finally decided to replace that old sink and swap the old bathtub with a more stylish one, you do need to consider what damage all of this splurging will do to your bank account. You can be sure that a bathroom remodeling can deplete your funds significantly but not if you shop smart.

So how can you calculate the remodeling cost? Take into consideration the size of your bathroom, the quality of the materials you intend to purchase and also, whether you’d need help from a qualified professional or not. When you have all these costs jotted down on a notepad and the total amount doesn’t make your eyes pop out, you’re good to go.

Consider bathroom dimensions

You didn’t measure your bathroom dimensions and now you’re stuck with a bathtub that’s too big! You have to consider bathroom dimensions before you go shopping or else you’ll find yourself in a somewhat similar situation.

This is a really important step, especially if you have a small bathroom. You’d already be looking for accurately sized fixtures and even an inch is enough to mess up your whole planning. You can opt for storage solutions to increase your bathrooms storage capacity.

Sink height and position

Normally, countertops are placed about 32-34 inches above the floor. Of course, the measurements would vary for people who don’t have an average height. Do consider this factor or you can get stuck with a countertop that doesn’t suit your bathroom style. The sink you choose will also affect the height of the countertop. Mostly sinks would just add another few centimetres, but with sunk-in sinks, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Sink position is important for your bathroom’s style, especially if you have a small bathroom. You can always opt for corner sinks. They not only look stylish but also save space. With small bathrooms, you may experience movement space problems and that’s where corner sinks come in.


Buy a few expensive materials

People with a limited budget may not be happy about buying cheap materials. Who says you have to invest heavily to make your bathroom look expensive? As long as it fits your budget, you can invest in a few high-end materials. Opt for cheaper but good quality tiles and splurge on an expensive toilet or tub. The tub is a better option though. After a long day at work, you’d love to unwind with a hot bath.

Buy cheap tiles but add a few mosaic or expensive tiles randomly. This way you can make the wall look artsy and also get a bit of colour.

Shower Storage

Yes, you may have a vanity that accommodates all your things but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you have shower storage? Once you get thinking about it you’d love the idea. Although cheap, plastic shower storage units are practical, they will definitely not go with your stylish bathroom. A cheap but attractive option is the ceramic tile shelves. They can easily be installed in the corner of the shower and are super handy.

Or if you want something even better, go for the build in the wall shelves. Although it’ll take some extra work they give your bathroom a modish look. Use tiles on it and hey presto! An attractive alternative to plastic units is ready.

Invest in a convenient Vanity

Storage space in your bathroom is a must and so be careful while choosing a vanity. You’d have to keep in mind the dimensions or you might get a vanity that crams the whole bathroom. A smaller vanity will have you searching for other storage options.

How long your vanity lasts depend on its material. If you choose the wrong material, you’ll have to spend more just to get it repaired. Go for a durable material that doesn’t require too much maintenance. So invest in a convenient and practical vanity or else all your hard work will go down the drain.


Get good lighting

Skimping on ambient lighting for your bathroom is non-negotiable, you just can’t do it. The whole purpose of bathroom remodeling goes down the drain if you don’t invest in some good lighting. Add warm recessed lights in the bathroom, just not near the mirror. You can opt for a vanity mirror with lights. This will give your mirror a Hollywood look but then again, go for a lighting option that best suits your bathroom style. If you have a shower, get a waterproof fixture. They just look great.

Be patient

This might be the hardest thing to do. After months of planning and getting ideas from home renovation sites, you’d be ready to get started on this newest project. But wait! Being hasty might mess up the whole process and of course, you wouldn’t want that, would you? The moment the bathroom tiles get delivered, you start ripping off everything in the bathroom. This can be inconvenient and extremely frustrating if the other material doesn’t arrive on time. Just wait till everything arrives and then you can get to work.

Just remember that a remodeling will not only craft a beautiful bathroom but it will also boost up the value of your home. So invest carefully, select the best material you can, within your budget and the rest is up to you. Have fun!