The comfort that a person can find within their own home is certainly unmatchable and it is very unlikely for a person to favor anything over that comfort. Gorgeous rays of sunlight shining through your windows as you sit in the living room, enjoying a good breakfast, is surely one of the best feelings you can experience within the premises of your house.

While the way the walls are painted and the color of the walls is a huge part of home design, the windows and the doors to a house are undoubtedly the two most important features that can make or break its look. Not only do they bring a great deal of the outside world indoors, but they are also responsible for the way that your house is perceived by the outside world.

Many people grow tired of the look of their existing home design and face confusion when they try to figure out what they could do to possibly change that look without having to move to a different house. Renovating your house is anything but easy. It demands time, attention, and money. If you don’t intend to change the look of the whole house, just redoing the windows and the doors is sure to give you the twist that you need, and it wouldn’t even cost as much.


In order to renovate your house, you might turn to a professional interior designer or decorator who knows everything there is to know about renovation and home design. Of course, this can be of great advantage to you, since everything will be taken care of, but the fee that a professional interior designer or decorator will charge you will not be cheap.

However, what most people fail to realize is that renovation and home design doesn’t always have to be expensive and time consuming. It can be a smooth process that will be over before you even know it, granted that you know what you want and have the right design in mind. Moreover, if you don’t have your mind set on the perfect door and window for your home, here are a few tips to help you choose:

 Windows & Doors Go Hand In Hand


In all of the beautiful houses in the entire world, you might have observed that the best ones are those where the home design is constructed in a manner that the windows complement the door and its frame, and vice versa. Working in accordance to subtle details like these can really help make the process of renovation less complicated and hectic. You can play a lot with colors and styles and textures, as long as they all complement the other, but it is difficult to have a sense of these things if you don’t generally know a lot in this regard.

The Purpose

Regardless of anything, the purpose that these doors or windows will serve is the main game changer. For instance, if you are looking to modify or renovate the door and windows of a bathroom, you would choose a glass window that is glazed or obscure to maintain privacy. However, in the case of this being the window of your living room or bedroom, large rectangular windows with clear or minimally tinted glass would be a great idea too, since getting in sunlight would be your main focus. This will ease and narrow your search for finding the perfect door and window for the ideal location.


The orientation of the door in a room is generally in accordance to the interior of the rest of the house. You can place the door anywhere where it doesn’t give a cramped affect, and suits the ambience of how the rest of the house has been designed. Some people might not want to reposition the entire door frame because this might result in having to change the entire structure of the room, or even the entire home design. This elongates the duration of the renovation. However, even then just changing the door in terms of its texture and material or color will help change the look of the house.

In the case of windows, the ideal positioning should be done in accordance to the orientation of the sun. Doing so will help you get that fresh sunlight and energy every morning. The orientation of the sun might even help you save up on electricity bills due to the fact that you will get more than enough light during the day time.

Accent Colors


While the style, shape, texture, all matter when it comes to choosing a legitimate door and window for your home, the color is what will make it stand out the most. Thus, choosing an accent color for the frames is one of the most important things to consider in home design. Choosing a color palette that matches the rest of the house is going to be one of the most challenging things you will face in renovation, but if you are renovating the entire house, this will be a lot simpler for you. For exterior panels and accent colors, turn to your neighborhood to get a hint of the colors that are being used and the way they look.

Feng Shui


In Japanese culture, Feng Shui is considered before, during and after the process of renovation. Feng Shui basically gives you a good idea of the placement of the interior such as doors and windows, as well as the placement of the furniture in accordance to that. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to help you position everything in a way that attracts positive energy and eliminates all evil and negativity from the house. A lot of people turn to Feng Shui for home design purposes.

Many people fail to keep these simple facts in mind when they go to select a door or a window for their home during renovation. However, making a mistake in these regards might even cost you more than it normally would so it’s advisable that you do a thorough research before you carry out the renovation of your home.