Did you know that at an average person spends almost three years of their life in the cloakroom? Whether you just want to add one more restroom in your home design or need some renovation for the guest’s restroom, a cloakroom may be a great and an inexpensive way to add some value to your property.


When we approve a home design, there are a few things that we usually consider before creating a cloakroom. This may include the location, proper ventilation, heating by installing a towel trail, available floor space and under basin storage or maximum shelves. However, before you really start considering all these factors, you need imagination and some inspiration. There is a variety of cloakroom renovation and designing ideas available these days that can help you with this tiny space in creating a style statement of your house.

Let us have a look at some of these mind-blowing ideas to help you with cloakroom renovation. Moreover, if you are soon to approve your home design, keep the following ideas in mind. This will help you in creating a cloakroom that is not only well-organized and eye-catching, but also easily usable.

Create an artistic touch with the flooring

The flooring of your cloakroom will speak for itself. For instance, if you want to add some glamour to your cloakroom, you may like to choose the interior renovation options with a checkerboard floor. You may also add some black and white paintings or portraits to create a dramatic look. Also, add some mirror tiles in combination to flooring and enjoy the extravagant looking cloakroom experience.

Your wallpaper is the face of your cloakroom

Even if your home design does not allow you a large space for the cloakroom, you can still play around with the cloakroom decoration. This can be done by decorating the walls with vivid or themed wallpaper. Whether you choose to keep it simple one tone or use some vibrant color patterns, the wallpaper will contribute the most in your cloakroom’s overall look. For instance, add a note of contrast by using a white and blue theme for wallpaper and accessories respectively.

The bold color blocks

Do you think color blocking is limited to creating a fashion statement only? A color block can be applied in a variety of ways and at different places around the house. Color blocking is increasing in popularity and is becoming a part of every interior renovation project or home design. It can also be applied to give your cloakroom a classic ornamental appearance.

Try out square edged white basin placed against a gray wall or a red block in the tiled floor to enhance the dramatic look while maintaining the simplicity of the whole area. To create a color block effect, you may also play around with different cloakroom accessories, keeping the floor tiling and walls in the single tone.


Pick a theme to make patterns 

If you like to keep a particular theme in your cloakroom, you can easily do that by using different patterns for walls and tiling. If you are a fan of bold patterns, your cloakroom is the perfect place to make use of your creative instincts. Whether you choose to go with a traditional touch or would like to keep it contemporary, a floral pattern with white tiles and black paneling always creates an eye-catching contrast.

Secret storage shelves

Space has always been a major issue in the cloakrooms. While many people, opt to keep less space for the cloakroom when they think about home design, they still manage to design their cloakroom in the perfect manner. From storage to accessories, a cloakroom is full of essentials and the most important thing is to keep it well-organized so that you can access belongings in the easiest and quickest manner.

The majority of times, space is limited in a cloakroom and you may need some interior renovation to make it feasible. However, you will need to build some shelves on walls to create storage. If you want a contemporary look, choose white mosaic tiling or a black pattern to create a statement feature.

The Metallic Touch

With the increasing trend of metal, cloakrooms are no different in adopting this material when it comes to interior renovation. With the increasing trend of metal themes, cloakrooms give out the ambiance of luxury. Nothing could compete with a luxurious silver patterned wallpaper and artistic metal decoration that is likely to create an opulent cloakroom.

You may also add some metal in the form of mirror frames or window linings. Similarly, you can also add some beautiful artistic or vintage decoration pieces to create a classic metallic look of your cloakroom.


The rusty look

The modern cloakrooms are full of colors and themes. You may also create a theme that has been in trend for a long time. You can renovate a cloakroom with a rustic look in no time and whenever you like. Expose the brick walls with some chrome basin and create a rustic look. You may also add to the look by using metal gold accessories and printed wallpapers such as wooden blocks. Moreover, you can combine the rusty look with some silver metal to grab some more light while you maintain a dim light in your cloakroom.


What should be done?

The above-mentioned tips must have given birth to some creative ideas in your head. Decide the color and theme for your cloakroom and start your interior renovation as soon as possible. As we maintain our homes and pay a lot of attention in selecting a home design, the same level of attention should also be given to cloakrooms.

As we don’t seek renovations much, especially in the case of a cloakroom, invest some time and money and use your creative instincts to make this place of your house a style statement. When planning a home design, every inch of detailing counts. Think creative and get inspiration from the variety of cloakroom ideas available online. It’s a place to showcase the creative side of your personality. Unleash the wilder side of your creativity and have fun in the renovation of your cloakroom.