Banana Yoshimoto once wrote:

“The place I like best in this world is the kitchen.”As the old Chinese saying goes, “Food is the paramount necessity of the people!” When we are alone in a foreign country as we miss our relatives, we often think of dishes from back home.

Therefore, to warm up the home in your heart, kitchen renovation and design must suit your taste.

Although the kitchen is not always the largest room in the house, the design is extremely complex. If the appliances are not properly placed, it can bring a lot of inconvenience to the cook.

Today I will help you design your own kitchen If you are currently renovating a new house, and are troubling over how to make use of the space in the kitchen.

 Number 1- The fridge

Interior designers do not necessarily place the appliance in the right place. The four most representative kitchen appliances and accessories are the fridge, the stove, the console, and the sink.

To rearrange these, simply place the fridge away from the gas stove to prevent conduction of heat, and place the sink away as well to avoid oil and water spill.

In fact, you should consider the following steps first before anything. 1. Consider where you want to place your fridge. 2. Place the remaining kitchen appliance and accessories in a subsequent order as your cooking procedure (Get food from the fridge, then wash it in the sink etc.)

Whether your kitchen is large or small, it becomes obvious with a kitchen that allows convenient access!

Number 2- Gas Stove

When placing your gas stove in the kitchen, it should not be too close to the wall on the right side to prevent any complications when cooking.

Try to select a flat surface stove to allow an easier clean up after cooking. When you purchase a gas stove with the iron frame on the top, try and lift it up and make sure the bottom surface is smooth and flat.

Number 3 – Range hood

The hood is placed above the stove and it is divided into two types: the top suction and the side suction.

Side suction hood gets rid of smoke very effectively and is suitable for a small kitchen. It is also very easy to maintain.

Top suction hood is selected depending on the kitchen style and renovation.


Number 4 – Steamer, Microwave

The placement of these appliance depends on the cook. Usually you can beautifully incorporate it into the kitchen when you are designing and renovating the cabinets as well.

You can rearrange the placements of each component based on the size and shape of the kitchen, the most commonly used appliance, and the convenience that the placement provides.