Landscaping is an important part of your house’s exterior home design. Without a properly maintained landscape, the outside of you house can’t uphold an attractive look. Visitors will get a bad first impression of your house if the landscape is filled with dead plants and muddy pathways.

Getting the expertise of a professional gardener to maintain the landscape around your house can be an expensive task. One should remember that getting your landscape maintained from a professional will come with recurring costs since plants in the landscape need care and treatment throughout the year.

To evade those expenses, you can maintain the landscape of your house by yourself by spending a very small amount of your renovation expenditure. The following are some tips that can be very helpful for someone who wants to maintain the landscape by himself.

Prefer Domestic Plants

We know that there is a range of plants that are very pleasant to the eyes and can enhance the beauty of your home design, but there is a problem associated with them as they can’t grow in every environment. Choosing those plants for the landscape around your house can become a very tedious task for you if you intend to do landscaping by yourself.

picture1Therefore, go with domestic choice of flora for your garden so that you can maintain it easily. Planting those species of plants that are alien to your local environment can hike the expenses of upkeep and you can still end up with plants that are not fully grown and lacking the bloom due to which you planted them.

Make Diverse Options To Cover All Seasons

To make your exterior home design thriving with attractive landscape all year round, make sure that you plant different plants and flowers that bloom in different seasons. If all the plants are of the same season, you will have a barren landscape in the remaining time of the year when there will be no flowers on those plants and their leaves will not show the same radiance.

Renovate It With Potted Plants

If you have a new renovation plan for your landscaping, consider potted plants. There are various advantages of having potted flora being part of the landscaping, especially if you are going to maintain it by yourself. Potted plants are low maintenance, they can be easy to move, there are different types of ornamental plants that can easily bloom in pots, they are easy to move and you can reposition according to your wish and finally they can be easily incorporated in the small spaces outside your house.

You can also paint the pots with vibrant colors and designs to make your home design look more attractive.

Avoid Excessive Ornamentation

Bear in mind that the quality landscaping can be assured by keeping it more natural. Therefore, don’t go with too many excessive artificial ornament items for your landscape because it can overshadow the natural beauty blossoming in your landscape.

Recycle Plant Waste

Recycling plant waste is a very old technique for increasing the fertility of the land. Many people think that only a professional gardener can implement this technique, but that is not the case. You can do it by yourself, collect all the broken branches, clippings, and other plant debris instead of throwing them in the waste. You can turn into mulch with the help of a shredder. Buy a second hand shredder or rent one. You can also make a compost sites in the land for the same purpose.

You can save a significant amount of your renovation money from buying artificial fertilizers by making this natural fertilizer by yourself.

picture2Place A Bench

The whole point of maintaining the landscape is to cherish it when the flora outside grows fully and blooms to its fullest. To experience this tranquility of nature, you can make some seating arrangements in the landscape of your house. Place a stone bench near a tree or a bunch of flowering plants, but make sure that the bench is not hindering the growth of any plants.

Pick The Planting Site Carefully

It is not necessary that all of your landscaping is exposed to sunlight. We all know how important sunlight is for plants. For that reason, choose the site for planting trees etc. keeping in mind that plants in your landscaping can get the adequate amount of sunlight to bloom.

Seek Advice From An Expert

Even if you have decided to take care of the landscaping by yourself, it would be fitting to have an expert advice on the subject. You can allot some of your renovation budget for this purpose. By having valuable input from a professional gardener, you can save considerable amount of time and money in the maintenance of the landscaping.

Don’t Plant Too Deep

Trees can give the exterior look of home design a very organic look. So if you are planning to plant a tree in the landscape around your house, make sure not to plant too deeply in the land. By planting it too deep, you can obstruct the passage of air to the root system that can result in root rot and hence results in no growth.

Illuminate The Landscape Properly


Maintaining landscape is not limited to maintaining the flora in it. There are other features as well that should be added to the landscape. For instance, proper lighting in the landscape is very important. Installing ground lamps alongside the sidewalks of the landscape is not only a safety measure but it can also increase the beauty of the landscape and home design. You can strategically place those lamps on the parts of the landscape that you want to highlight.

By keeping the above discussed points in check, you can make your landscape a place that will be garlanded with natural aesthetics.