how-to-make-your-house-better-than-its image

Every person on earth would love to have a striking home design mostly, so they can boast about it. No matter how big or small, lavish or simple, classy or fancy our place is, most of us only tend to feel satisfied when someone other than us, has acknowledged the beauty of our house.


This takes us to how we take pictures. Although not all of us have those fancy villas and large houses, but we somehow trick people on social media to believe that we live in one. It is all about the camera angles, the shot being taken, the depth, lighting, and so on! The point is, we portray our houses to be lusher than they actually are. Sounds fair, right? Well, only until your acquaintance from social media decides to come by your place and hang out with their buddy.

This is the point where you realize that those pictures of your house that you’ve been boasting about on social media, were mere illusions of your art and creativity with the camera. In reality, your house doesn’t look as good as it did in the pictures. It is times like these when you channel your art and creativity to renovate or decorate your house so it actually looks better than the image itself. So here are a few great ways you can redo your home design and make renovations to make your house look better.


One of the best things you can do with your home design is to install frosted glass doors. In fact, you don’t even need to pay that extra buck to install a brand new door. If you have a glass door, simply get the frosted glass sheets and stick them on the door. You wouldn’t believe to what extent a frosted glass door elevates the aesthetic appeal of a place.

This is also an important aspect of your home design because plain glass doors might not look as bad in the photos, but deteriorate the feel and privacy of your place when noticed in person.

Choose the Colors Wisely

how-to-make-your-house-better-than-its image

One of the best tricks of the trade in photography is to play with lighting effects. This means that your home design might have looked aesthetically appealing with the sunlight in the morning, but it lacks that touch in real life. In such a case, you can either go for a renovation, or simply opt for wall paints and decorations that make your home look livelier.

For instance, decorate your walls with different shades of a color or use entirely different ones for different walls. Each of the walls can be equipped with holders where you can put a vase, hang a painting, or make a picture collage of your favorite trip.

Crown Molding

You may not realize it, but details bring out the best in your place. While they may not matter much in a picture, they certainly do when it comes to experiencing things in real life. One great way to add detail to your home is to use crown moldings.

Again, they may not look as defined in the picture, but having this renovation done can certainly impact your entire home design. The best part is that there are several different crown molding designs that you can opt for. This tiny bit of detail combines the ceilings with walls, giving a more wholesome feeling to your home. In short, crown moldings can definitely make your home look far better in reality than it would in pictures.

So, in the pictures, you can use your camera angle to make your ceiling look high. But then again, what if somebody actually plans to visit you in person? Do you actually have a high-ceiling? To be honest, it doesn’t matter if you use this trick to portray fake height.

The key is to use shorter furniture. This means no long cupboards, no long shelves, no such lamps or anything elongated. Keeping everything low creates the illusion of a high ceiling. This is not even the best part. The great part is that in a picture, a person with even the slightest sense of camera angles can figure out what you’ve done. In reality, on the other hand, only a pro would know your home design trick. Moreover, a camera will only show an aspect of your room. In person, that aesthetic appeal gets elevated!

Another advice to make your house ceiling look even higher is to keep the furniture a little off the wall. You can do all that without requiring any renovation at your place.

Wall Art

One of the easiest things to boast about in pictures in wall art! You don’t have to take in the noise around the subject which makes a picture quite appealing. This is not the case when you walk into a house or a certain room. However, this is more of a benefit than a drawback.

Making a wall look better, in reality, is easier that you might think. One way to do this is to draw a frame around the entire wall art. This will not only make the wall look better than a certain image, but will also distract you from the noise around, if any. Another thing to make your wall look more beautiful in real life is to expand your art, or paint the background. Either of these moves will complement your home design and will make it look far better in person than it would ever look in an image.

In a Nutshell

Making a home design look better in pictures is not that difficult, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot outdo those images for the real aesthetic appeal. In images, a certain confined area is targeted which makes it easier to bring out the aesthetic appeal in images. Doing that in real life is an art. It is all about the bigger picture! You can use the above-mentioned tips and tricks to ensure that your house actually looks better in person than it looks in an image.