A child-friendly room might not be such an appealing concept to many people and they might have many questions. To start with, they might think they’ll have to put up nursery rhyme wallpapers and paint the living room in hues.


To address all those unasked question; no, making a room child-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to start a whole new renovation project to change your home design. And no, that nursery can stay the same color it is, as long as your child loves it.

Making any room child-friendly does include taking care of small things like baby-proofing table corners. But there’s more to the idea than these tiny details. It’s about making a room safe and comfortable for your child so that your child doesn’t feel out of place. Any renovation that helps you create a safe and age-appropriate space for your child will count.

You have to be creative in planning for this renovation and quite like any other renovation project, it requires patience and efforts. The best part about these renovation ideas is that you don’t have to compromise on your home design style. You can have the stylish house you want and still make your children feel comfortable.


Easily Cleaned Walls and Wallpapers

Children can create a lot of mess, sometimes even without meaning to. And the biggest evidence of this should be the walls of your house. That stain from the party last week still sticks out like a thumb and the little ‘accident’ that caused that mark on the wallpaper is going to be a reminder for a long time. At least till your next renovation project. Children and walls have a special bond but don’t let that ruin your style.

Any child-friendly house should have stain repellant walls and wallpapers. You don’t have the time or the energy required to get down to cleaning whenever the walls get a new paint job from your child. When planning the next renovation, opt for stain repellant walls and wallpapers.

Stain Repellant Fabric

Does your couch still smell of the milk that John spilled two weeks back? You are not the only one suffering from this condition. Every day, millions of parents have to deal with the same thing and no matter how much you toil to avoid it, you are likely to end up cleaning a spill in the next 24 hours.

The only option you have is to use stain repellant fabrics all over the house. This is in no way going to hinder your renovation budget as they can come quite cheap too. Ultrasuede, leather or performance velvet are some great fabrics to rectify this problem. They’re easy to clean and very forgiving surfaces that will enable you to expertly handle any spills, without causing any trouble.

Similarly, opt for carpets and curtains that are made of stain repellant fabrics.

Comfortable Seating


Those high back Victorian chairs in your living room can be a bit too uncomfortable for your child. This doesn’t at all mean that you have to compromise on the style of your home design. You can still keep those chairs but the next time you plan a renovation, go for a few pieces of comfortable furniture.

You can buy some soft ottomans and poufs for your little one. They are easy to move around and since they have low heights, your child can easily get on and off, without calling you every time he wants to get off a high chair. The best part about having poufs is that children love them very much. This way, your other furniture can get a rest.

Furniture with storage

No matter how much you try to save your house from getting messed up; if you have kids, you’re on a never ending crusade. Pick up that toy from the bed and minutes later, you’ll find a book under a chair. There’s just no escaping it at times and the only solution is to plan an urgent renovation!

For people with kids, there’s no ‘enough space’. What you need are a few pieces of furniture that come with storage space. There are a lot of coffee tables, benches and even end tables with drawers and cabinets. Not only are they good for your extra stuff, they can do wonders for your messy house.

That joy shelf is full to the brim? No problem! Just grab the extra toys and stuff them in one of the storage benches. The never-ending flow of color pencils and markers can easily be accommodated into the drawers of that end table. The best solution is to get rid of some old stuff and make room for the new one.

If you don’t want to do that, then maximum storage furniture is the only option you have to de-clutter your house and make your home design stand out.

Rugs, Rugs and Rugs


Rough flooring surfaces can be quite dangerous for children but carpeting the whole house isn’t what suits your home design. The only way out is to buy rugs for such problem areas. Not only will they make your home child-friendly but they also add oomph to your home design. When out shopping for the renovation project, just be careful and choose the rugs that go with the architectural feature and overall look of your house.

Round Tables

The only way to keep your child safe from sharp edges is to eliminate them. The next renovation you plan should incorporate a number of round tables in your home design. No, it won’t have any effect on your style. If anything; round tables have a sleeker look. By taking this step, you ensure that your child stays safe, without having to compromise on the interior design of your house.

If not all, at least consider buying some round tables, especially ones that can be placed in the middle of a room. Children are bound to go near them and the sharp edges can be dangerous for them. And while you’re at it, just make sure that all decorative objects such as, frames or vases are out of your child’s reach.