FOTILE Group was founded in 1996. For the past two decades, it has kept its original desire, and always focused on the development and manufacture of high-end embedded kitchen appliances, and committed to providing unparalleled high-quality products and services to the people who are in pursuit of high quality life, creating a healthy and environmental protective lifestyle with good taste and culture, and making millions of families enjoy a happier and more secure life.
FOTILE currently has more than 12,000 employees all over the world, and a R&D team of more than 300 people that include the leading experts in the field of kitchen appliances. In addition to the strong local design capabilities, FOTILE also has the design talents from South Korea, Japan and other places as well as the most advanced high-end kitchen production equipment and advanced international industrial manufacturing technology.
FOTILE has the world’s largest appliance laboratory covering an area of up to 8,000 square meters with the most advanced facilities in the industry, and equipped with two national-level laboratories (electric, gas), and the most powerful Innovation Institute that is newly constructed. Up to now, FOTILE has owned more than 600 patents, including 86 invention patents, leading far ahead in the industry, and becoming the technically leading enterprise in the field of kitchen appliance in China.

18 top international design awards

From 2007 to 2015, FOTILE received 9 iF Design awards and 9 Red Dot awards, making FOTILE the world leader in award-winning kitchen electronic design.

We never forget our original intention: everything we do is for you!

Caring is at the heart of everything we do. Every service is provide out of love.



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