Recently, there are a several theft reports in Toronto, these incidents spread panic among residents. I decided to replace the front entry door during long weekend. During the process, I noticed that my neighbors are doing the same. I asked them why, they told me different reasons, such as, deformation and minor damages. The common issue that everyone have is that the front door will not shut all the way. Due to thermal extension and contraction, the door can only be closed from the inside. This is a frustrating situation. I get nightmares when the wind blows and the door makes popping and cracking noises. 


What is the most secure front door one can buy for a home?

To answer the question what is the most secure front door for a home, we have to understand what “security” means. A secure front door is the door that is impossible or very difficult to break. Due to what parameters is security achieved?

• Durable and strong locks.

• Choose doors with no glass near the door handle.

• Use the services of professional installers.

• Install the door only from solid material.

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