Keramin Tile Style Canada is exclusive distributor in North America of Keramin JCS – European largest producer of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

With its founding factory located in Belarus, Keramin Joint-Stock Company have been the premier ceramics tile and sanitary ware manufacturer in Europe and for the past 60 years. Today Keramin brand has become an international household name. Our products are incorporated into every aspect of the modern home’s design, including both interior and exterior facades.

At our Toronto store we are offer diverse collection of ceramic, porcelain, GRES as well as natural stone tiles such as granite, marble, travertine, onyx, slate and quartz tiles. Our collections offer variegated colour, texture and tone to meet the needs of the most designers and ceramic suppliers.

Keramin has more than 80 collections of ceramic tiles, more than 40 collections of porcelain, more than 25 collections of porcelain GRES (ideal for areas that see high foot traffic or heavy workloads) and three novel collections of large-scale porcelain GRES, a new concept in ceramics used mainly for ventilated facades.

We pride ourselves on fostering customer loyalty and establishing lasting business relationships with our suppliers, with a long history of reliability, fastidious attention to detail and an award-winning aesthetic. We create modern ceramics for modern consumers.


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Address:   4400 Dufferin St B2, North York, ON M3H 6A8


30%-50% off on Tiles + Free delivery within GTA area.

30%-50% Off on Mosaic + Free Delivery within GTA area.

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