Marriage is one of the most beautiful bonds we’ve been blessed with but keeping a marriage alive and interesting can be the hardest job in the world. Even when you love your spouse and find them interesting at first, things can change and your marriage can take the steep road downhill.

It’s all too common for couples around the world. Some people aren’t able to stop the downfall, while others are successful in overcoming the obstacles and emerging from the debris, unhurt. The ones, who keep failing, try to save their marriage through counseling and communication. But there are other ways to strengthen your marriage and they all have been described in the ‘Yin Yang theory’.

The theory states that everything in the universe is made up of two forces; Yin and Yang. They are opposing forces but at a deeper level, they’re totally connected. The interaction of Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) is what keeps the world at a balance.

And that is exactly what a marriage is all about, the balance of two beings. And to keep that relationship supportive and nourishing, you should get help from the theory of Feng Shui during your next renovation project.

A few renovations here and there should be enough to add Feng Shui to your home design. But the area you need to concentrate on most is your bedroom. So here are a few renovation ideas that will help you bring Feng Shui to your bedroom.

Find your Love Corner

The principles of Feng Shui indicate that the room at the furthest right corner of your house is your love corner. That room should be your bedroom, a place of romance and relaxation. And to make it such, there are a few renovations that should take place. They are just some simple ideas that will add value, not only to your relationship, but also to your home design.

Position the Bed

During renovation, the bed should be placed as far away from the door as possible, but in a way that makes it visible from the bedroom door. This way, the minute you walk in the room, it will seem like the bed is inviting you. But keep in mind that the bed should not be aligned with a door, may it be the bedroom, balcony or bathroom door. The reason behind this is that when your bed is in line with any door, too much active energy flows towards it. This way, your bed won’t be as calming as you want it to be.

Make the Bed Comfortable

Feng Shui has to be applied to your bed too. For instance, you should have a strong and solid headboard, preferably made of wood or the ones with upholstery. This will not only add value to your home design but will also provide the comfort your body requires to get a good night’s sleep. After a long day of work, your body needs all the rest and a strong headboard is going to give your head the good back support it needs.

Similarly, when out shopping for this renovation project, you should opt for a comfortable mattress. When you have to invest, why not go for an option that promotes deep sleep and relaxation? The whole concept of Feng Shui is to get as much positive and calming energy as you can. But if you go for a used mattress, it might not work for you. The energy that it would have absorbed from its previous owners might affect your relationship. So, just to avoid any problems, it’s best to buy a new and comfortable mattress.

Remove the Mirrors

It is believed that mirrors reflect negative energy and hence, must be kept covered or better yet, removed during renovation. Since the mirror is forever reflecting images, it is an active item and that’s why it isn’t recommended for a bedroom. The presence of a mirror in the bedroom indicates that your mind is always active, which eventually prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Say no to plants

Many people believe that letting the nature in your bedroom is bound to make it livelier. But Feng Shui recommends that no plants or fresh flowers should be kept in the bedroom. The reason being that plants emit the Yang energy, which is an active energy, whereas you need Yin energy, calm energy, to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Get Rid of Family Portraits

Your bedroom is the private sanctuary of you and your spouse, and any family pictures are just going to be distractions. Even religious portraits or items should be placed in a corner that is not visible from your bed.

Don’t Work or Exercise In Your Room

You need all the Ying energy you can get in your bedroom and you need to keep it in mind when taking on this renovation project. But when you let the stress of work mix in your love life, things might start doing downhill. That’s why you should prohibit any sort of work or fitness activities in your bedroom. Just remember that the bedroom is to relax and rest and by working or exercising, you increase active energy in the room, automatically decreasing Yin. If there is no other place you can do your work or exercise in, try to store the required things in the corner of the room where they are not visible from the bed.

Take Off Gloomy Artwork

Any artwork that invokes the feelings of sadness or loneliness in you should be taken off the walls during renovation. Your bedroom should be a serene place, which always remind you of the love in your life, the love of your spouse. Any images that make you feel sad or lonely should be kept out of your love corner. Incorporate Yang energy in other parts of life, with few Feng Shui spaces that will regulate the strong Yang presence in the house and make your home design more impressive after renovation.