Gone are the days when basements had to be dark and dreary places covered in dust and reserved for laundry. Now they can be an integral part of your home, and there’s no reason you can’t utilize them fully.

Whether you choose to convert your basement into a game room, bar, bachelor pad, a TV room, or even an extra bedroom, it is up to you. In any case, basement renovation contractors in the Toronto area can help you renovate the basement to your liking.

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Questions To Ask Your Basement Renovation Contractor

Basement renovations are neither a small nor an easy task. There are many aspects to consider, and it’s natural to have questions. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve prepared a few questions to ask your basement finishing company in Richmond Hill.

May I See Some References?

It’s always important to make sure that the company has completed basement renovation projects similar to yours. An experienced and reputable renovation company will jump at the first opportunity to show their completed projects.

Why wouldn’t they?

References help the customer (you) make an informed decision about the contractor. One look at the pictures in the portfolio, and you’ll know if you want your basement to look like that.

So, it establishes credibility. When basement renovation contractors show you their portfolio, it’s to show you that they’re capable of handling a project like yours.

How Do You Suggest We Approach This Project?

It’s necessary to sit down with your basement finishing company and discuss your project with them. This will help you better understand their vision for your new basement – besides, it’s always good to get a second opinion.

Ask the contractors what they would do if they were in your shoes – it shows the basement renovation contractors how serious you are about renovating your basement.

Suppose you tell the contractors that you plan to have wooden floors for your basement and carpeting on the walls. Some might give you a quote for it and move on – others might suggest more attractive options from experience.

But you won’t know unless you ask.

See if your prospective contractor reacts well to the question and animatedly lists down all the ways to bring your basement to life – it shows that the contractors are eager to begin, and have dealt with projects like yours before.

Their approach will also help you decide if your basement renovation contractor in the Richmond Hill area are trustworthy. How?

If they recommend unnecessary changes in your plan, you’d be better off without them – they care more about what’s best for you than making money.

When Can You Start And How Long Will The Renovations Take?

A contractor usually oversees several different projects at a time – so you might need to wait for them to give your basement the attention it deserves. 

Apart from that, basement renovation contractors work differently – their team may be large or small and at different levels of experience. The project completion time may differ from one project to another.

This is why it’s important to ask when they’re available to start and how long the project will take to complete. After all, you want your renovation project to be completed quickly and in an efficient manner.

When you’re discussing your plans with the basement finishing company, you should ask about any possible delays that they may face in the project. The contractor’s timeline may not match your timeline exactly, so the best you can hope for is a close match.

Who Will I Contact And Who Will Do The Work?

Miscommunication between the contractor and the customer can cause a lot of problems. These problems can cause unnecessary delays. Basement renovation contractors may have subcontractors for different jobs, and it can be a hassle if they only respond to the original contractor.

Know your contact person during the tenure of the project to avoid any inconveniences.

Who Will Move The Furniture And Clean The Work Area?

A basement finishing company may not be able to act as movers but it is important to clear the area before the renovation begins. Ask the company if they offer this as a separate service and get a quote for it.

Your basement finishing company usually includes worksite protection – ask about the degree of protection to avoid any losses down the road. Dust may be unavoidable, but if your sofa is found damaged after the completion, that’s unacceptable.

Is the Quote Different From The Contract?

The quotes you get from the contractor require signatures to be deemed accepted by both parties. However, the quote can be different from the actual contract.

Ask for a comparison of all service-related aspects provided by the basement finishing company. Read through the particulars and clauses of the contract, including the warranty section, if provided.

Do You Recommend Any Suppliers?

If you have to pick plumbing, tiles, cabinetry, wood, or other materials for the renovation, a basement renovation contractor may recommend suppliers they prefer to work with. You should do your research on these suppliers, and take them into consideration.

Also, see how the contractor interacts with them as it will provide insights about their level of professionalism when maintaining relationships.

Will I Exceed My Budget And What’s The Payment Plan?

Lastly, it’s good to anticipate risks and mitigate them. Experienced basement renovation contractors have the foresight needed to anticipate any potential problems in your renovation and they can inform you if they see the project going over budget.

Ask them if any unforeseen circumstances might stall the completion of your project.

Enquire about the instalment and down payment plans as well – 10-15% down payment is the usual, and the rest of the instalments are paid at the completion of each phase. This way, you pay for the completed work only. 


It’s important to ask the right questions before you begin with a complex project such as basement renovation.

At Reno Compass, we find the best contractors for your basement renovation project in the Greater Toronto area as well as Markham, Mississauga,  Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and more. 

So if you need help with your basement renovation projects, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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