All the contributions your father has made for you must be celebrated. He may have given up so many things just so that he could see that smile on your face and nothing can be greater than honoring fatherhood. You have been the apple of his eye forever and so, this Father’s Day, let’s surprise him with a gift that will make his day.

There are a lot of gift ideas for Father’s Day. You can give him that wine bottle he has had his eyes on. Or you can start on a DIY project that will surely put a sparkle in your father’s eyes.

Honoring all Fathers and Father Figures

Kids can always go for a crafty alternative and can make the gifts right at home. It’s better than any store bought gift because it resonates with your love for your father. But what would be the ultimate surprise for dad? What is it that he has been meaning to do for himself? Something that he has wanted for a long time but hasn’t been able to get?

Once you have the answer, you’ll know what would be the perfect gift for Father’s day. This Father’s day, why not give him some much needed space in the house. He has been yearning for some space to explore his own passions and hobbies, yet he continues to work to fulfill all your needs. Now that you’re old enough, it’s time to return some of the love that he has so lavishly bestowed upon you. So it’s final. He’s finally getting his own man cave!

Man Cave

This gift is completely different from the presents you’ve given him all these years. Creating a man cave requires a lot of work and all that renovation will completely change your home design. So before you start, do consider whether the renovation complements your home design or not. You wouldn’t want to end up with something that makes a mess out of the architectural features of your home design.

So let’s begin and make the best of this opportunity to repay your father.

Assess the Space

First, you have to decide where this man cave is going to be. You can either use the basement or garage; these are the best options for renovation.

Since they’re out of sight, your father will be able to have some privacy. And when his friends are over, the daily routine of your house won’t be bothered.

So decide on the space and assess it. You need to walk through the room and visualize how it will look after being converted. Try to imagine if the renovation will work for your home design or not. Let your imagination flow. If the image doesn’t look that good, you better choose another room or try making some changes to the décor.

Select a theme

You need to assess how your father would like the room to look. You can decide certain things but it’s important that the renovation suits your home design as well as your father’s personality. When choosing a theme, it’s better to select an item first and then to base the room’s theme around it. If your father loves juke boxes, you can get one for him and then fashion the whole room around it. Let it inspire you. This way, the renovation will look authentic and you would have given your father a special gift.

Hire Professionals

You can always do this renovation on your own but if you want to make it flawless, then hiring qualified professionals would be the right choice. With years of experience, they’d be more qualified to handle the demands of this renovation. They’ll easily be able to assess the changes your home design demands. But if you’re bent on completing this renovation yourself, go right ahead.

Measure the Space

Before starting on this renovation project, it’s important to know the perimeters of the room. Measure everything carefully and note it all down. You’re going to need these measurements for carpets, wallpapers etc. With the help of these measurements, plan the whole renovation process in detail so that there are fewer chances of mistakes.

Required Equipment

Once you’ve planned out exactly what renovations you want, it’s time to go and buy them all. Make sure you can get all the material within your budget. While working on this renovation project, it’s easy to go overboard and spend more than you actually planned. Make sure you have all the necessary tools. If not, you can easily buy them, rent them or borrow them from friends.


Make the Room Sound-Proof

There’s no doubt that the house will be a thundering mess during games, especially if your dad has his friends over. To ensure peace and quiet in your house, it’s important to install insulation in the walls. Not only will this keep the room warm, but it also makes the room sound proof. This part of the renovation is time taking but it’ll work in the favor of your home design. So, when your dad is in the room, it’ll take more than a shout to call him out for dinner but there won’t be any complaints from the neighbors.

Brighten up the walls

Depending on the color scheme of the room, you can either paint it or install wall papers. Just go with the spirit of the room and let your imagination flow. During all this renovation, do keep in mind the things that your dad loves. This will help you make this renovation a success. You wouldn’t want to put a strain on your home design by making the wrong renovation choices.

The Final Touches

Add comfortable seating and any sources of entertainment that your dad loves. The TV goes on that corner wall while the mini fridge can be placed beneath the mini bar. Install a surround sound system, a game console, some games and anything else that your dad would love. Lastly, decorate the room and make sure the room has internet signals.

Hopefully, with this renovation project, you’ll be able to tell your father how much you care about him. So enjoy this Father’s day with the man who can do anything for you!