Homeowners realize that they can use their basements as a separate room to live in or to rent out – or turn it into a private game room, a bachelor pad, or a media room, the options are virtually limitless.

The trouble is that basements often only have bare rafters instead of a proper ceiling – this looks bad and let’s noise travel in and out conveniently. 

As such, all the sounds emanating from the basement needs to stay there. A soundproof finished basement ceiling is the perfect solution for all your concerns.


Benefits Of Having A Soundproof Finished Basement Ceiling

A soundproof finished basement ceiling becomes a barrier between the basement and the upper floors, which can have the following advantages for your home:

Keeps The Highway Noise Out

If you live close to a highway in the Greater Toronto area, it can get pretty noisy with all those cars and trucks whizzing by. If you’ve put up your basement for rent, this can be a major turnoff for prospecting tenants deciding whether to opt for your basement or not.

A soundproof finished basement ceiling makes the basement “apartment” quieter and more peaceful. It stops the noise from passing cars and other vehicles travelling on the nearby highway.

With a soundproofed finished basement, you may also be in for some energy savings.

Saving On Your Utilities

In the summers, you need to escape the heat and keep your house cooler for longer – and in winters, you need to keep the cold out for good and keep warm. 

Sure, you could turn on the HVAC, but that costs money.

With the increase in utility bills over the years, people are looking for creative ways to save money on utilities – a soundproof finished basement ceiling helps.

Heating can escape from even the smallest of openings, and the cold can enter the same way. A soundproof finished basement ceiling covers up the escape routes of sound and heat, simultaneously.

This results in more significant utility savings.

Sleep Or Read Comfortably In Your Basement Living Room

What if you want greater peace and quiet for your free time?

A soundproofing job can turn your basement into a living room where you can take some time off on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Deck it out with a comfy reclining chair and your favourite books – nap here or catch up with your reading.

Now, imagine reading or sleeping in a space that doesn’t have appropriate soundproofing – when you hear footsteps from above. That can disturb your sleep or make you forget what sentence you were on in your book. 

When you have to soundproof ceiling footsteps, a soundproof finished basement ceiling allows you to spend your Saturday peacefully, loving what you do.

Soundproofing doesn’t just keep the sound out but keeps it in when you need it.

Game In Peace

Game In Peace with Sound Proofing Your Basement Ceiling

If you’re creating your noise playing games like Overwatch, Minecraft, or Fortnite in your basement, soundproofing will help you avoid waking the neighbours or the people living upstairs.

Gaming requires increased concentration and seclusion and a soundproof finished basement ceiling allows you to concentrate on your game, making all the noise you want, without waking the neighbours.

Enjoy A Movie In Your Home Theatre Or Have A Party In Your Bachelor Pad

We’ve all dreamed of the perfect home theatre system in our house to enjoy a Saturday movie night. When you have a soundproof finished basement ceiling, you can keep all that thunder and boom of the Dolby Surround Sound speakers from disturbing your family upstairs.

Having a soundproof finished basement ceiling also allows you to invite your friends over and party in your quiet bachelor pad. There is no denying the fact that these parties can get pretty loud if you want to avoid getting an earful from the people upstairs, soundproof finished basement ceilings are perfect.

Sound Proofing Options And The Need To Hire A Contractor

You have a few options when it comes to soundproofing your basement ceiling. Here they are:


These are soundproofing panels made from 100% recycled wood that absorb a range of frequencies. They prevent sound from getting out or into your basement. They’re great for basements-turned-apartments.

They’re very resilient and can be used in new and old constructions. They’re light, relatively inexpensive, and easy to install.

Fibreglass Insulation

Not only does this keep the heat in, but it offers moderate soundproofing if enough of it is present. So if you’re looking for just enough soundproofing, fibreglass insulation is for you.

Acoustic Tiles

It may not look good, but it gets the job done if you have a suspended ceiling. Acoustic tiles are available in many different styles. They’re seen most often in schools and basement-turned-office.

Acoustic Drywall

It’s thicker than your typical drywall; therefore it costs more. But it provides an easy and simplistic solution for soundproofing your basement ceiling as it is more effective than standard drywall.

The Need To Hire A Contractor For A Soundproof Finished Basement Ceiling

It is preferable to hire a contractor for a soundproof finished basement ceiling in the Greater Toronto area. We, at Reno Compass, bring the right experience to the table, knowing which materials are best for soundproofing your basement ceiling and when.

We serve Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Milton, Markham, Richmond Hill, and the rest of the Greater Toronto area.

If it’s your first time soundproofing your basement ceiling in one of these areas, it will take you a lot of time. Plus, there is no guarantee of workmanship. When you choose Reno Compass, you can also have additional peace of mind that your basement ceiling will be soundproofed quickly and effectively.

Sound reducing systems can be also be applied to other rooms of your home – making it a popular retrofit project. 

If you are remodeling your home or just the basement, consider adding it to the work scope of your project. 

If you want to have a soundproof finished basement ceiling done by the right contractor, give us a call. We provide up to three free quotes for your projects.

Contact us today at +1 905-597-8566 to learn more about Soundproofing and how much it’ll cost you.

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