To increase the value of your home design, you can decide on new renovation ideas. Most people concentrate on the house and just forget that a well maintained garden can add value to your home design too.
And that big tree in the driveway has just got to go! So start your renovation, by trimming those hedges, pruning the bushes, and cutting down those dead trees.


How to get a permit

Fill out the Application to Permit Injury or Destruction of Trees on Private Property. You must also include an Arborist Report on your tree or trees, prepared by a certified arborist. Mail your application, report and required fee to the Park and Natural Heritage Planning section in the Municipal Offices

Exceptions to the by-law

You don’t need a permit to remove:

  • dead trees
  • diseased trees
  • hazardous trees

For this type of removal, you need to submit an Arborist Certificate from a certified arborist to the Park and Natural Heritage Planning