Home Alliance Card is a group membership discount card that is issued by Reno Compass Inc. to its registered online users. The objective of this program is to help our local homeowners to purchase home improvement materials with the most discounted price.

Questions and Answers

  1. How to use Home Alliance Card?
  • Offline: show your Reno Card when you consume at stores of the business alliance of renocompass.ca and get your discount.
  • Online: the user of Reno Card can enjoy special sale online by using the number on the card(This function will be activated soon).


  1. What benefits can the Home Alliance Card provide?
  • You are able to have discount or special gifts when showing the card in the stores in the alliance pool of Reno Card. The details are posted on the promotion page of our website, which will be constantly updated.


  1. How to apply for Reno Card?
  • If you are a registered user of renocompass.ca, You can apply directly from our website.
  • If you are not a registered user of renocompass.ca, please log in and register before you fill in the registration form.


  1. Except for the online application, is there any other method to apply for the Reno Card??
  • Yes, there is. Although currently the Reno Card can only be applied for online, renocompass.ca will issue the card through offline events soon.


  1. How to recognize the stores belonging to the Home Alliance Card program?
  • The business information of stores in the Home Alliance Card program will be posted on the according promotion page of our website in time. What the user needs to do is to simply pay attention to the updates.


  1. Does Home Alliance Card Expire?
  • Oh it does! Your SPC Card is valid from August 1, 2016 until July 31, 2017.
  • Each year new SPC Card must be purchased. The expiry date is printed on the back of the card and doesn’t change regardless of when you buy the card- so make sure you buy it in August!


  1. Could one user apply for two or more cards?
  • No. We suggest on user applies for one card. Every Home Alliance Card marches the registered user ID. We identify the user by username and email. That is the reason why one username can only apply for one card.


  1. How about if I lose my Home Alliance Card?
  • If your Home Alliance Card is lost or damaged by accident, you can ask for reissuance. After you submit the application of reissuance, your old card will be invalid automatically.


  1. Can I lend my Home Alliance Card to other people?
  • No. The card can only be used by the owner because the Home Alliance Card matches the registered ID of renocompass.ca. Other notice will be given if real name verification is applied.
  • However, Home Alliance Card can ONLY be shared within your family member under same address.


  1. Can I choose the card number?
  • No. Currently, we do not have this service. The Reno Card number is given in sequence. We do not have the feature of automatic number selection.


  1. What can I do if I am not able to have discount in the stores of Home Alliance Card program?
  • If you are not able to have discount in the store of Home Alliance Card program, you can ask the store’s manager on duty or call customer service of Reno Compass at 1-844-826-RENO (7366).
  1. Could the user’s information be leaked?
  • No. The personal information provided by the user will be collected, kept and addressed by renocompass.ca appropriately. We respect the user’s personal privacy. Without the user’s consent, we will not publish or release his/her personal information to the third party unless the rare exceptions specified in the Terms of Service.


  1. Shall I pay the annual membership fee?
  • The membership fee will not be charged during the current period of trial operation.


  1. When my card is reissued, will the related information in my old card be transferred to the new card?
  • Yes, it will.


  1. Are there any events for Home Alliance Card program holder?
  • We will organize the discount events both online and offline on regular basis. The notice of Home Alliance Card program events will be posted on the according promotion pages of our website.


  1. Can I enjoy other benefits of Home Alliance Card program at the same time?
  • The events of Reno Card and other events provided by renocompass.ca cannot be taken at the same time unless otherwise specified.


  1. How can I be eligible to join the business alliance?
  • The store must have fixed business premise, legitimate operating certificate, good and honest service and reputation.
  • The product manufactured/sold or service provided by the store must be legal, in healthy condition and with high quality. The discount information must be authentic and valid.
  • The stores shall provide more discount to protect the interests of our members.
  • The stores shall help our website to promote group buying, accept members’ consumption and strictly comply with the Business Joined Cooperation Agreement signed by both parties without cheating the consumer.