1. How can I post my project?
  • You have the options.
  • You can submit your project directly by our Post-Your-Project Tool by filling the information about your project. Option2.
  • You can also call our customer service at (905)-597-8566 or 1-844-826-7366 and we will collect your project information.


  1. Any fee for this service from your website?
  • It’s absolutely free. No indirect or hidden cost.


  1. Am I under any obligation to choose one of the proposed service providers?
  • You don’t have any obligation to do business with one of the referred contractors. However, we have verified all the contractors we referred , have provided several projects for our clients and have received positive feedback.


  1. How do you select the contractor that best suit my needs?
  • We have a comprehensive database and proprietary matching system that allow us to better assess your needs and match you with contractors that are qualified to realize your project, that serve your region and that are available when you need them.


  1. How do I know about the quality of the service providers?
  • Our top priority is offering you qualified and reliable contractors. We promise we only refer contractors that have received positive feedback from our previous clients for projects similar to yours. We verified and select a limited number of contractor for each category in each region, so you only get the best contractors.


  1. Now, I submitted my project, what’s next?
  • We will rapidly analyze your project and identify contractors that are most qualified and available. Within 24 hours, those qualified contractors will contact you directly in order to get more details on your project and submit you a quote. From this point, we step out of the process and let you coordinate the next steps directly with the selected contractors. We will still follow-up with you to make sure you are satisfied with our service and the contractor you selected.


  1. How many calls should I expect?
  • Each project is unique, but you should expect between 3 and 5 calls from referred contractors. We will also send you a list of the contractors selected, so you have the option to contact them directly.


  1. Is my information going to be shared with someone?
  • We only share your contact information with the contractors that are referred to you, so they can contact you directly. We will also contact you by email or phone to follow-up on the process and make sure you are satisfied with our service and the contractors. We will not use your contact information for other purposes. You can also read our Privacy Policy on the site.


  1. How can I provide you with feedback once my project is realized?
  • Our priority, as well as the priority of contractors, is your satisfaction. We strongly encourage you to communicate with our customer service at (905)-597-8566 or 1-844-826-7366 or to share your feedback following the completion of your project, or you can always leave your comment on our Social media pages (Facebook, WeChat.etc) Your feedback will help us better qualify contractors and therefore help other potential clients like you make better decisions. We would appreciate your feedback as we will reach out to you during and after the process.