Bathroom renovations are often tricky because they require skills and hands-on experience in plumbing, electrical, and floor work.

If you are planning to renovate your washroom and make it your private little sanctuary, read on this DIY vs. Professional Bathroom Renovations Checklist as we guide you on the best way to approach to renovating this space.

How to Approach Your Bathroom For a Makeover

Renovating your washroom can take up a lot of time on your already busy schedule – so be very careful if you decide to do it on your own.

After all, the bathroom is an essential part of your home and as a DIYer, you might not have the required knowledge or experience to remodel it well.

Washroom renovations require precise calculations, planning, and surveys to decide what suits you best. Here we provide you the bathroom renovations checklist to go through every element if you plan to give your bathroom a complete makeover or just a fresh look.

But before you get too excited — there’s one crucial thing to consider before you hire professionals. And that is money.

washroom renovation example

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Your washroom renovation cost depends on the fittings you choose and the amount of work that needs to be done.

An average bathroom in Toronto measures 80 to 100 square feet – expect to pay between CAD 11,364 and CAD 13,000, including the material and labor costs for renovating it.

The average cost for installing new pipes, a shower, and a sink is CAD 2,000 to CAD 3,000. Similarly, electrical panels and lightings can cost CAD 1,900 to CAD 2,200.

So first things first — if you want to renovate your bathroom, you need to put a budget aside before any renovations begin!

People often renovate homes themselves to avoid huge costs.

As a DIYer, you can always do surface remodeling of a bathroom, but the question is:  Can you pull off and in-depth renovation?

You can save a considerable amount of money on labor if you do it yourself, but skilled workers will always be faster and better.

professional bathroom renovation

Time Spent

Remodeling can take a long time, sometimes even months at end.

It can be challenging for a busy person to complete renovations while also keeping up with their work schedule. Even a simple remodeling project can take months — while professionals can finish the job in just a couple of weeks, sometimes even days.

If you have only one bathroom in your house, remodeling can make your life very difficult, so we suggest you seek professional help.

Wood Work

bathroom wood work

If you know basic carpentry required to install bathtubs or make a wooden frame in the wall, DIY could be your best bet. But it requires precise calculations and techniques to make it look and function properly.

Only a professional can provide the best carpentry options, so we suggest otherwise.

To get a free consultation and ideas for bathroom renovations in Toronto, you can contact Reno Compass.

Plumbing And Wiring

Plumbing and wiring can be very tricky as there are safety regulations and rules that need to be followed when carrying out such jobs. Professional plumbers and electricians are experienced and carry out such tasks on an everyday basis.

So if you are not a seasoned plumber or electrician — leave it to the professionals.

Bathroom Floor

Putting a new floor to the bathroom requires extensive work and you may not be able to use your bathroom for a few days. One has to be patient with bathroom floor jobs as they need professional expertise.

In some cases, the cement floor might need to be leveled or the ceramic or stone tiles may need a polish to give the floor an appealing look.

Bathroom floor jobs should only be carried out by a professional who knows exactly what to do!

bathroom flooring design

For a free consultation on flooring options, you can contact Reno Compass and carry on with your bathroom renovations in Markham.

Cabinets And Countertops

Hiring a professional to install cabinets and countertops can do wonders for you. So we suggest you do not try if you are concerned about the overall look of your washroom.

A skilled professional can quickly fix your cabinets or install new ones without any hassle.
bathroom cabinets & countertops

Shower Or Tub

The installation of a showerhead can be very hard if your wall is covered with tiles. Most people require expert help, as a DIY job might not give the best look to a bathroom once it is done.
bathroom shower & tab

Sink And Faucets

Installing a bathroom sink can be tricky. It might seem easy, but it requires you to check the water pipes that only an experienced plumber can do well.

So bring in a plumber. He would know how to replace the pipes and will give you the sleek finish everyone longs for!

bathroom faucet & sink

Paint Job

A paint job often makes an excellent DIY project. However, it does require some hands-on experience — that is if you want your bathroom to look good, of course.

But you should seek the services of a professional painter to take this task off your hands. The job of an expert painter will be more appealing without any flaws.

Our Advice

After reading this DIY vs. Professional Bathroom Renovations Checklist, if the mere thought of a washroom renovation makes you nervous, it is better to leave it to the professionals. The experts can make your dream bathroom a reality with their knowledge and experience.

With years of professional work, skilled contractors can give you peace of mind so you can focus on other things that matter. From flooring to shower installations, cabinets to faucets and paint jobs, you can rely on experts for your new bathroom.

If you are looking to go on with your bathroom renovations in Toronto, a team of experts at Reno Compass will be glad to get in touch with you.

Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or just looking to make minor changes, we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams!

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