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Interior Design
Interior Design
RenoCompass prides itself on interior design. With our custom personalized interior design solutions and close attention to space and materials, our team of highly dedicated designers will make each project a masterpiece.
Commercial Design
Commercial Design
At Renocompass, we know that every business is different. Our commercial design team is committed to the satisfaction of both you and your customers. Let us maximize the functionality and beauty of your space.
Building Permit
Building Permit
Eliminate the hurdles in getting your building permit. Our team of engineers are dedicated to help you get approval for your project in the fastest time possible by ensuring your design is inline with the building code and government policies.
Construction Drawings
Construction Drawings
A professional construction drawing is the best way to convery your intent to the construction company. Our team of engineers will help bring your dreams to reality by making sure that every idea is properly documented and reflected in your construction drawing.

How We Work

01 Initial Assessment
It is important to us that we understand your vision. Based on your preferred aesthetics and the expected functionality of the space, we will perform a preliminary assessment including cost estimation to give you a better understanding of the scale of the project.
02 Design Scope
We know that every person and project is different and would like to take the time to know you and your needs better. We hope to establish a good rapport and reach an agreement on the larger details of the project so that our professional design team can better guide you in this process.
03 On-Site Analysis
Our team of professionals will come on-site to perform a comprehensive analysis of the space. They will then work with you to confirm the layout of your project and will notify you of any complications that may arise.
04 Construction Planning and Budget
With the framework of the project finished, the finer details of the project can be ironed out such as the expected timeline and construction dates. A project contract and quote will balso be provided outlining all the work and services entailed.
05 Technical Design Package
A package containing all the relevant construction and techincal drawings will be provided; this will act as a final confirmation of the design selection and construction work to be done.
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