Landscaping ideas for an alluring garden

Landscaping ideas for an alluring garden
Have a project?The first impression is difficult to change and so, it gives you all the more reason to get your guests awestruck when they c

Have a project?The first impression is difficult to change and so, it gives you all the more reason to get your guests awestruck when they come to your house. With a lavish garden spread before their eyes, it’ll be difficult to mar that first impression.Landscaping ideas for an alluring gardenBut it is easier said than done. With the perfect opportunity to ace up the value of your house and amaze your guests, you just can’t go wrong. But to get an alluring garden, you’ll have to make a lot of choices and consider a lot of factors.Be patient, plan ahead and decide what would look best for your garden. Before going on a shopping spree for plants and other stuff, stop and contemplate what is it that your garden needs? Think about the things, plants and or landscapes that can bring out the beauty of your garden. Before you actually start digging with that spade, here is a list of factors that you need to consider first.PermitsCheck and understand what renovations are permitted according to your local regulations. When you hire a contractor, make sure they are aware of all the rules and regulations.TopographyBefore you start to design, take into consideration the climate, soil type and the topography of your area. Keep note of when and how much sunlight your garden gets. This will help you determine when to plant trees and where to incorporate the activity area.Keep in mind the architectural features of your home and design a landscape that complements your house. Water drainage system must also be evaluated. To get the best out of your landscaping design, ensure that the water channels lead water away from the house.UsersIf you have children or pets, you might want to create different spaces for them. To facilitate their outdoor activities, use different plantings, landscapes or distinct structures to highlight each area. Use pathways to provide access to each area. Or you can just create openings so that people can easily move from one part of the garden to another.ActivitiesDepending on the size of your garden, you can design specific activity areas. When doing that, consider the size of your family or the number of guests you normally invite over. The patio, walkways and other features must be spacious enough to accommodate your family and guests.ThemesThe theme of your garden significantly depends on the architectural style of your house. Once you’re sure of what landscaping design will go best with your house, you can think of a theme to match. Selecting a theme will guide you in choosing the right plants, landscape or garden ornaments. Decide on the best colors to make your garden stand out.Landscaping ideas for an alluring garden

PlantingsYou’d have to decide how you want to use the plants. Other than providing beautiful scenery, you can use them to get vegetables and fruits or just to spread fragrance. You can use plants to build hedges or form doorways. By placing plants correctly, you can create the perfect temperature, light and ambiance of an enclosure.HardscapeConsider adding a fireplace on the patio and transform the place into a luxurious resort styled patio. A sunken alluring garden, edge pool or a secret garden are some of the ideas that can add creativity to your landscaping design.MaintenanceAfter putting in so much work, you can’t let it all go to waste. If you’re up to it, maintain the garden yourself or hire a service to keep an eye on things. Ideally, opt for a design that doesn’t require too much maintenance.Once you have considered all these factors, you are ready to go and create the alluring garden of your dreams. And just to get you started, here are a few landscaping ideas for an alluring garden.Lots of flowersLet flowers be the first thing that your guests see when they enter your garden. They’re not only pleasing to look at, but their aroma will refresh your guests.Use mixed stonesFor the patio or walk ways, use mixed stonework to add color to the scenery. You can also use stacked field-stones to make seating walls all around the patio.Landscaping ideas for an alluring garden

Make a secret gardenSeparate a small enclosure from the rest of the garden and give it a hidden entrance. This can be your very own secret getaway place where you can enjoy with a cup of tea and a good book. Use pebbles for the pathway and stonework for a small patio.Create a pondAdding a little body of water tucked away in between tall trees will give the place an enchanted look. You’d expect a magical creature to walk in any moment. Or for a more modern look, go for an edge pool that’ll provide your garden the same level of serenity a pond will, but with a contemporary twist.Add a fireplaceTo add a luxurious look to your garden, add a fire place on the patio. Add a couple of comfortable chairs and you have the perfect place to relax in the evening. While children play in the garden, adults can gather round the fireplace and enjoy a drink or two.Use hardscapingNot many people realize it, but hardscaping can greatly define an area. Use a complementing combination of paved areas, sleeper walls, walkways etc. As long as they go with the overall style of your garden and house, you’re good to go.All of this sounds just perfect, right? Just use environment friendly resources that can be easily recycled. After all, you can’t start from scratch the next time you want to renovate your garden. Just do the best you can and don’t forget to get help from a qualified contractor when you’re stuck. Other than that, just have fun!References 

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