Remodeling your kitchen can take months and requires a decent investment — But trust us, it is worth the resources.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your house and a well-designed kitchen directly impacts the home’s overall appeal.

The kitchen is where family members get together to eat, so this space should have a warm and calming effect on everyone. And we all know some of the most important discussions take place over the kitchen counter! 

So whether you want to renovate your kitchen to help sell your home quickly – or turn it into a little sanctuary for the family – you have to start with a budget in mind. 

Here’s your step-by-step dream kitchen renovation guide.

kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Step #1 – Determine Your Needs And Wants 

Before embarking on a remodeling project, you need to ask yourself some realistic questions: What problems do you face in your current kitchen? How will the renovations take place? And more importantly, what is your budget?

Pro Tip: Plan your budget before the renovations begin to avoid disappointment and avoid going broke! 

The rule of thumb is to spend 5-15% of your house’s total value on a kitchen renovation. So divide your budget according to your priorities — it is your home after all. 

Once you decide on a budget, take a trip to the hardware store and consider your options and their costs. 

Owner Alert: Kitchen renovations often require electrical and plumbing expertise, so leave it to the professionals and set some money aside in advance. 

After an assessment of your remodeling project, you have to hire a team of professionals that can turn your dream kitchen into a reality. 

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Kitchen Renovation Step # 2 – Plan Ahead 

A renovation can go haywire if you are not sure how you want to design the space, so the next step is to brainstorm ideas and create a design plan for your kitchen.

You will need to take detailed measurements of each wall in the kitchen and make drawings or blueprints to share with the contractors. 

Free computer programs can help you utilize the space better. It is about what you can make out of the budget you have already set in advance. The consultation for kitchen remodeling is absolutely free. 

The professionals you hire can also assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams as they are experienced and a better aesthetic sense for such projects. 

Kitchen Renovation Step # 3 – Hire Professional Help 

It is now time to hire the right people for the right job, but hiring an independent kitchen designer can be expensive. 

A better option is to employ a general contractor who specializes in kitchen renovations and has a good reputation. 

Evaluate all options before deciding on a contractor. Ask about their past projects, achievements, and payment terms etc. Better communication with the contractor and his team will be beneficial for you throughout the process. 

So you have decided on a contractor. It’s now time to apply for permits if you need any from the neighborhood or the city office. 

If you hire a professional team that is licensed. They usually have permits for electrical, plumbing and construction work.

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Kitchen Renovation Step # 4 – Tear Down Your Old Kitchen 

Remove all your dear cutlery and appliances and start taking out the old stuff that you wish to upgrade – you can also find professionals to do it for you. 

Kitchen Renovation Step # 5 – Laying The Structural Framework

Laying down the structure of a new kitchen requires prior experience in construction work, so this is not a DIY task.

Get ready for some significant construction work as the team would take out the walls and windows first if you have decided to change them. 

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Kitchen Renovation Step # 6 – Get the Plumbing And Wiring Installed 

The next step of the kitchen renovation guide is to put in new water-supply pipes, wiring, and the HVAC ducts. It is known as the mechanical rough-in phase, which should be carried out by licensed professionals. 

Once all the systems are up and running, an inspection team will probably come in to check if the installation is according to the code.

 Congratulations! Your kitchen renovation is now in the final stage. 

kitchen renovation plumbing

Kitchen Renovation Step # 7 – Finalize The Walls And Floor

With the plumbing and wiring installed, walls and ceilings now need to be finished and painted. Professional flooring crew will insulate the walls, put up the drywall, and prime the walls. 

Pro Tip: Before getting the cabinets and fixtures installed, make sure the floor work is complete. 

Kitchen Renovation Step # 8 – Install Cabinets And Countertops 

Now your crew will install the cabinets and countertops. The process can go on for a day or two as the construction workers need to be on point with the measurements for an excellent finished look. 

The cabinets would need to be leveled and anchored correctly in their spots before a countertop is put in. The appliances could then be moved in their places and the sink and faucets can be installed.

kitchen cabinets & countertops

Kitchen Renovation Step # 9 – Final Checks

The hired professionals will now carry out a detailed inspection to make sure all the work has been completed according to the contract. 

Professionals often create a list of things that need more work and mark them for a review. At the end of your renovation project, everything will be finalized to perfection. And the contractor will stamp your permit application. 

Now you can enjoy your newly decorated kitchen with friends and family! 

Excited?  Let’s Get Started!

Renovating your kitchen can be a tedious task, but if a job is done well, it is worth it. Hiring skilled and passionate professionals can pay dividends in the long run — and even improve the value of your house if you plan to put it on the market soon. 

By following the kitchen renovation guide, you can make sure that your kitchen dreams become a reality! 

To learn more about the kitchen remodeling process, contact RenoCompass and get your kitchen remodeling started. Give us a call anytime at (905) 597-8566.