Add New Life to your House with Curtains

Add New Life to your House with Curtains
You must have an image of that perfect home design in your mind. Who wouldn’t? We all dream

You must have an image of that perfect home design in your mind. Who wouldn’t? We all dream of owning a house that reflects our personality and has every luxury that we could ever ask for.Only then would it be the ‘perfect house’. But during these renovation projects, we tend to forget that even little things can make the biggest difference in your home design.

Dynamics of the RoomEvery room in your house has a different vibe. Each room functions differently, which mean that their needs are also different. There might be some rooms that require natural light to flare up their interior, while there might be other rooms that would look best with thicker curtains. The first step is to identify the need of every room and what purpose the curtain will serve there.Next, consider the color of the room and decide on which fabric and color palette will look well with it. The furniture of the room also plays an important role in helping you choose the right curtains. During renovation, as soon as you find something that works well with the room and your home design, it’s time to stop searching.

Whichever curtain you choose, it’s important that they look and feel like the extension of the room. Don’t think what looks good in the kitchen would also work for your renovation project in the bedroom. In fact, you need to carefully assess the style, theme and aura of every room before deciding on the curtains. You wouldn’t want them messing up the whole feel of your home design, which is exactly what will happen if you end up choosing the wrong curtains.Although curtains do add beauty and color to a room, that is not the only reason they exist. They also keep you hidden from any prying eyes. When you want to enjoy the view, just draw them and enjoy the scenery.

Color FestWith multiple colors and patterns available, it’s hard to choose the best curtains for your renovation project. For instance, plush texture can add elegance to the room. Ultimately, it all depends on your choice about whether to go for some outrageous colors and patterns or to opt for retro motifs that will surely complement your stylish home design. Set a color theme for the room and make sure the curtains don’t match the existing colors of the room. Adding curtains that are the same colors as the wall will just dampen the brightness of your home design.Lining and LengthMost people go for curtain lining for their renovation project because curtains are incomplete without the proper lining. Depending on your preference, you can choose between blackout and thermal lining. Each has its own set of distinctive features that will be perfect to add value to your home design.To add a dramatic look to your home design, hang curtains over 6” above the window. This gives a sense of height to the room and accentuates the features of your home design. The traditional look calls for curtain ends lying in puddles at the base of the floor. But as the modern trend defines, go for a crisp look with the panels level with the floor. Similarly, give a few inches on both sides of the window to ensure that the window is fully covered by the curtains.Curtain HardwareAlways make sure that the hardware you use for the curtains goes well with the curtain’s style, pattern and color. The rods, decorative rings and clips should complement the interior of the room.This renovation project is definitely going to add oomph to your home design but only if you consider the given factors when buying curtains. Curtains also serve as decorative pieces for your home design. The trick is to use them in the right way and you can amaze everyone with your interior designing skills.

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