Basement Designs For 2020 – Know Your Options

Basement Designs For 2020 –  Know Your Options
What’s your fondest memory of your basement as a child?A cold, dark, and dreary place that’s unloved and filled with creepy vibes. Right?Wel

What’s your fondest memory of your basement as a child?A cold, dark, and dreary place that’s unloved and filled with creepy vibes. Right?Well, that no longer has to be the case because homeowners now realize that they have many cool basement ideas to choose from.Basements can be functional spaces that increase your home’s value while giving you the space to do what you’ve always wanted to do. For example, you can transform your basement into a game room, media sanctuary, and theatre, an all-purpose home gym, a home office, or even a wine cellar.Today we’ll look at some of the popular finished basement design ideas and trends for 2020.Who knows, maybe you can find the right basement designs for your home in Mississauga and select one for your own home. Basement Designs For 2020 –  Know Your OptionsTurn It Into A Man CaveOne of the greatest advantages of having a basement is that it’s secluded from the rest of the home. You don’t have to worry about noise and disturbance that could bother others when you’re down here.You need a place for relaxation on weekends and when you come home from work.As a homeowner in Mississauga, you have the freedom to play around with cool basement ideas and turn it into a man-cave. What better way to implement a finished basement design idea than to use it as a ‘manctuary’!Arrange a few sofas, play around with the décor and walls, put in a flat-screen TV, maybe add a bar and a pool table, and redesign your basement for you. You can have fun, be creative and get as loud as you want (given that you’ve soundproofed the basement) in your new man-cave.Get Your Sweat On With A Home Gym In Your BasementGym memberships in Mississauga are becoming more expensive by the day. Plus, you have to take the time to get to the gym and get your workout in. The travel-time alone puts off many people from adopting a healthier lifestyle. One of the coolest finished basement design ideas that attract homeowners in Mississauga is a home gym in the basement.Depending on the size of your basement, you have a couple of basement designs options to choose from.For starters, if you have ample room in your basement, you can have several workout machines, a home spa to get your sweat going, and a shower for when you’re done. You can also add a sauna or massage area for good measure.On the other hand, if you have a smaller basement, add a treadmill and one other machine, a shower, a few weights, and you’ll have a functional gym.But what’s a gym good for if there’s no one to motivate you through the workout sessions. So, invite a friend or two over to your Mississauga home gym so you can stay healthy and happy.As far as basement designs are concerned, you can add a few inspirational quotes on the walls as a constant reminder to strive to achieve a healthy mind and body. Oh, and TV works great too!The Evergreen Open Concept BasementThis is one of the cool basement ideas as it helps promote a sense of community and harmony in the house. If you have a large basement and walls separate it, remove them to create a bigger space. This way, you can use your large basement in Mississauga as both a bar and a media room. When you have people over for a party, they’ll have more room for movement so they can freely enjoy themselves without feeling restricted.Additionally, removing walls and barriers allow your small basement to appear much bigger than it is – you’ll also have more light illuminating limited space. You can use this design to implement other finished basement design ideas that may have crossed your mind.Basement Designs For 2020 –  Know Your OptionsA Shared Space For A Lounge And An OfficeIf your finished basement ideas involve sharing space with the rest of the family, there’s a lot you can do to make that dream a reality. Your family will appreciate you for it, but you have to go about it very tactfully. Having the kids play downstairs as you try to work at your home office can be a recipe for disaster – you don’t want all that noise when you’re trying to work or read.The best way to go about these particular basement designs for 2020 is to have some basement space reserved for your home office. Make sure you have enough space for a desk, laptop, chair, and a shelf for any files that you require for your work.Also, plan out Wi-Fi cables routes for your office space; you shouldn’t have a visible mess of open wires and cables in the basement. Next, soundproof your office space so you can focus on your work when it really matters, and make sure there’s adequate lighting. Try to incorporate natural light in your basement designs – this will also help reduce your utility bills.This is perfect for times when you want your family close to you while you work from home.Create And Own Your StageHere’s a cool trend in Mississauga basement designs for 2020! You’ve heard about home theatre rooms in the basement – how about a stage to showcase your talents?Whether you’re into guitar, drums, stand-up comedy, karaoke, or dancing, you can convert your basement into a stage to showcase your talents.Add photos of your favorite artists, comedians, singers, and more, show off your guitar collection or your drum set, play for guests, or rock out to your favorite tunes all by yourself. Do it all from your basement – and the comfort of your home. Ready To Start?If you’ve found a cool basement idea that you want to implement in your basement for 2020, we at Reno Compass would gladly assist you in making those dreams come true.We’ll put you in touch with trusted basement contractors in Mississauga to help implement your finished basement ideas effectively. Give us a call anytime at (905) 597-8566.Image Source

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